A quick and simple tutorial for styling The Five Wits’ Bad Wolf Tiem Stahp into a Roxy wig. This is the no-cut version of the tutorial, which is for people  who are starting out with wig styling but afraid to cut the wig itself. I’ll be uploading a tutorial that also contains trimming and more styling in the next week.

Materials needed:

  • Wig
  • Duck bill clips (you can find them at beauty stores and they’re inexpensive, I got a pack of 25 for $2)
  • Hairspray (Got2Be Glued is always great)


  • Photo one: The finished result! This is what we’ll be aiming for, sans the clips of course.
  • Photo two: To get this right you may want to put on the wig itself. Situate the bangs so they aren’t in your eyes. Roxy has a pretty heavy sideswept look, which is fairly easy to imitate. Once you’ve done that, slip your duck bill clip in to hold the bangs in place.
  • Photo three: You can do this with the wig on yourself or on a stand, but I prefer to do it on my head. Take a small lock of hair from the side of the wig (the direction the bangs are sweeping away from) and simply form it into a curl. I’ve seen many people do an upward-facing curl because it seems easier, but the canon downward-facing curl is just as easy. Not to mention you can practice all you want without hurting your wig. Once you have the curl how you like it, simply slip in another clip.
  • Quick note: The steps for the third photo can be replicated with bobby pins, and I’ve done it using those in the past. However, the duck bill clip method was much less time consuming for me and generally more enjoyable.
  • Photo four: What the side of your wig will look like with the curl! At this point, you want your wig on a stand of some sort. Take your hairspray and go hog-wild. Spray the curl and bangs until they’re wet, and then let dry. I do this 3-4 times until the curl and bangs are basically rock hard, since I want it to last all day at a con. When you take the clips out, be sure to spray over the spots they covered so those fibers stay in place as well.

If you’re afraid of your curl still coming undone during the day, feel free to add one or two bobby pins to help keep the shape after you take the clips out. You can even paint the bobby pins to match so they won’t be as visible in photos.

Good luck!

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