OPI’s Princesses Rule! ($8)

OPI’s Princesses Rule! is a very sweet, sheer pink color with some warm tones to it.

While I’m generally not fond of polishes on the translucent side (I have three coats on), I feel as though the sheerness works very well for this particular shade. It’s a glamorous touch of color that isn’t going to be distracting, and pairs well with anything.

The drying color is fairly average, and the consistency is pretty middle road as far as polishes go. There’s no streakiness to the formula, even though I’ve had it for a good two years now.

Overall, I like this color for weeks when I don’t want to do a lot of maintenance. It grows out nicely, and chips aren’t overly evident. I’d recommend it as a polish to get if you want something simple, yet elegant.

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